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Sogo joins Dümmen Orange


About SOGO

Superior Orchids Growers' Organization



One of SOGO Orchids’ competitive advantages is the leading innovation of varieties.
While certain characteristics in terms of growing, spiking, color, shelf life, etc. are considered. Somehow, around 20% of the unexpected surprise is the gifts from the Creator. Each week, SOGO Orchids averagely harvests 6 hybrid pods, assesses 10 potential clones, and promotes 5 varieties into pilot production. Pilot clones will be selected and tested by our core growers worldwide before commercialized. Together with other independent breeders in Taiwan, we provide more comprehensive range of product solutions to the global professional growers be able to create their unique segmentations in the markets.



The other competitive advantage of SOGO Orchids is its high stability of meri-cloned plantlets propagated from the lab.
Under the lab organization, different function groups are managing plant health (bio-chip testing on virus), research, propagation, and quality assurance. All materials (spikes) are tested by BIO-CHIP to secure no virus contaminated material was used for multiplication. Research team in the lab is handling all breeding and testing materials. Propagation team is grouped in different multiplication stages and methods. QA (quality assurance) team is checking all the flasks during the whole process of multiplication. SOGO Orchids is also working with other satellite lab in Taiwan, named Yung-Sin located in Chiayi. To fulfill the growing inquiries and providing more options acquiring SOGO clones, we are developing more lab partners outside Taiwan to serve our customers worldwide.

Young Plants


SOGO Orchids is growing together with her customers.
There are totally 78,300 m2 of greenhouse and 147 employees working in SOGO Nursery. (2012/8/22) As the greenhouses are developed year by year, they are located at 4 locations in Meinong area. Plants 1~3 (2.5ha, 2.5ha, 2.0 ha) are located very close by, and Longdu plant (0.5 ha) is in another village from the office. Among the greenhouses with different functions for R&D (0.6 ha), young plants production (6.3 ha) and cooling area for domestic market (0.6 ha), about 4.5 ha is certified by the USDA and AQIS, and be able to export the plants with sphagnum into United States and Australia from these certified greenhouses.

Finished Plants


In Taiwan, SOGO Orchids also works as a grower produces and supplies finished products to the domestic market.
We deliver the flowering plants in tray to auction, wholesaler, and flower shops; we also decorated the flowering plants in big pots for the inquiries from end consumers (sometimes for the wholesalers as well) which usually as a luxury gift to celebrate the opening, promotion, wedding, birthday, and any other special occasions. For years, SOGO Orchids often won the first prize as superior supplier from the Taipei Flower Auction. In 1999, the grower Helios in Denmark became the family of SOGO Orchids as SOGO Team ApS who continuing supply the super mini Phalaenopsis in Europe. In operation, we considered SOGO Team ApS as one of the customers to SOGO Orchids. Change of ownership did not really change much Helios’ position in the market, but do increase the possibility to support and/or cooperate with other growers in Europe and other markets like USA and Australia. There are 5 FTE and 17 hour pay workers (2011/9/28) in the work force. As a young plant supplier, SOGO Orchids delivers flask, young plants and mature plants (ready for spiking) to the professional growers covering Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa. All these professional growers make SOGO varieties blooming in their markets.


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84350 No.1-1, Chenggongxincun, Meinong Dist., Kaohsiung City 843, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886 (0)7 683 0190
Fax: +886 (0)7 683 3949
Email: info@sogo-orchids.com.tw

Tissue Culture Lab

90941 No.49-1, Xiaofen Ln., Zhongzheng Rd., Linluo Township, Pingtung County 909, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: +886 (0)8 721 1234
Fax: +886 (0)8 722 1758
Email: info@sogo-orchids.com.tw